Reswara at a glance.

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Reswara was established by Deed No. 38 On October 19, 2010, made before Notary Justriany Koni, SH and approved by Minister of Justice and Human Rights Number: AHU-53760.AH.01.01 in 2010 and has been amended several times. The last change is the Deed of Shareholders No. 49 On January 24, 2012 made before the Notary Djumini Setyoadi, SH, M.Kn and approved by Acceptance Notification of Company Data Change Number: AHU-AH.01.01.10-03728.

The Company, through its entity, has coal mining concessions in Indonesia that produces thermal coal with low ash and sulfur content. Through the resources, the Company has made itself as an integrated mining company from upstream to downstream, from the mine to port.

Thus, coal production, sale and transport to barge or vessel is managed in one group, Reswara. This condition is reinforced by Reswara under the umbrella of ABM Investama which is an integrated energy company. With the support of the entire big familiy entities of ABM Investama, the Reswara Group’s operation becomes easier and smoother.

The entire mining concession in South Kalimantan (Tunas Inti Abadi - TIA) and Aceh (Mifa Bersaudara and Bara Energi Lestari), operationally mined by open-pit mining method (open cut mining). Both of these locations of coal producing excellent products with its special specifications.

Coal from South Kalimantan is currently marketed as the “TIA Compliant Coal”, and coal from Aceh is marketed as “Solution Coal”. Both are needed by power generation companies in both domestic and overseas markets such as India, China, Thailand, the Philippines and others, to be used as a coal blending material.

South Kalimantan mining concession has an area of 3,085 hectares and has an estimated 52 million metric tons of coal reserves and 106 million metric tons of coal resources. The size of the area of mining concessions in Aceh is 4,629 hectares and is estimated to have reserves of 169 million metric tons.

To optimize the quality and quantity of resources supply, the Company specifically dedicated haul road and port imminent to the mining area. It can support to build a diverse portfolio for long-term contracts with major buyer in many countries.  Customers continue to extend the Company’s contract prove that the quality is quite satisfactory.