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The Company has implemented risk management in accordance with the policy defined by the Parent Company (Corporate Risk Management Policies/ Enterprise Risk Management Policy No. RWA-PL-ERM-03 applied since October 1, 2012). Reflected in the policy, the formation of the structure of the organization that manages the risk management and its application.

Company has a risk management policy framework that already describe the stages of implementation of risk management, risk reporting and handling, approved by the President Director of the Company on October 1, 2012.

The company also has a function in charge of implementing a risk management program, known as Risk Management Unit (RMU)/ RMU Coordinator appointed by the Board of Directors and be part of the Holding Company Risk Management committee (RMC) No.RWA-PL-ERM-01 valid from May 1, 2012, and revision on its membership on May 1, 2013).

 Company’s risk management process proceeds through the following stages:

1.    Risk identification, internal or external;

2.    Continuous and timely analysis and evaluation to set priorities;

3.    The implementation of risk mitigation strategies on an ongoing basis;

4.    Involving and notifying all the relevant stakeholders; and

4.    Recording risk development and changes to be monitored.