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The Code of Ethics and Conduct  (“COEC”) is a set of commitments consisting of business ethics of the Company and work ethic for member of the Company, prepared to influence, establish, organize and carry out the conformity behavior in order to achieve consistent output corresponding to Company culture in achieving the vision and mission of the Company.

COEC consists of ethical guidelines and code of conduct

of the Company with the following description:

Code of Ethics

  1. Always comply, obedient and perform the Company’s regulations and applicable laws and regulation.
  2. Take decisions and action in accordance with propriety (ethics), the Code of Conduct of the Company, the Company’s regulations, laws and the Articles of Association.
  3. Act professionally and uphold integrity in carrying out actions and relationships on behalf of the Company.
  4. Always follow the principles of good corporate governance in conducting any 
  5. and all duties on behalf of the Company.
  6. Prevent and avoid conflicts of personal interest or Company and its stakeholder’s interest.
  7. Mutual respect and harmonious relationship, upholds the noble values of society.
  8. Report every violations that occurred and / or will occur.

 Code of Conduct

  1. Code of Conduct of the relationships between members of the Company’s and parent company.
  2. Code of Conduct relationships between stakeholders (shareholders, customers, partners, suppliers, government and community).
  3. Guidelines for Human Resource Management.
  4. Code of Conduct for Occupational Health, Safety and Environment.
  5. Code of Conduct in Protecting Company Assets and Financial Integrity.
  6. Code of Conduct on the Conflict of Interest and Gratification.