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Internal Audit is an independent function and carry out an objective review activities and consulting services, which are designed to add value and enhance the operational activities of the Company.

Internal Audit helps the Company to achieve its objectives by using a systematic and disciplined approach in order to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes.

In carrying out its duties and responsibilities, Internal Audit reports directly to the Managing Director and is functionally responsible to the Audit Committee.

Based on the Internal Audit Charter, Internal Audit’s mission is to provide an independent assessment on the activities of the Company which aims to provide added value and increase the efficiency of operations, risk management, and internal control systems.

Its main purpose is to examine and evaluate the risk management framework, control and governance processes within the Company, to ensure all of these factors are adequate and functioning properly.

Internal Audit also provides advice and recommendations to the Management related to improvements in the areas mentioned above, whenever required or requested. Consulting services are also provided to the subsidiaries of the Company, with the primary goal to assists the management in achieving predetermined business goals and objectives, and standardize the business processes of the Company.